Training methods


The FITMOVES training method is circuit-based training where participants work through a series of stations. This format can be utilised by individuals, small groups or very large groups.

The stations are composed of major movements the body naturally recognises which are THE FOUR PILLARS OF MOVEMENT. These four pillars are:


Since the four pillars are the basis of all functional human movement, they are the foundation of the functional training behind FITMOVES.

Although functional human movement is the foundation of the FITMOVES circuits, various themes can be emphasized such as cardio, hypertrophy, stability, balance or core work. The arrangement of the circuits, work to rest ratios, repetition schemes or the exercise selection can delineate the emphasis of a particular theme. A single theme can be represented throughout the entire session.

FITMOVES is one of the most effective ways to combine cardio conditioning with functional strength training. This unique circuit training is an effective way to provide an alternative method of training that is interesting, fun, effective and safe for the whole family.

Integration Training Protocols

Fitlife integration training has married new and old, past and present training techniques where bodybuilding and functional training coexist in a harmonious resting place.

We recognise that there are many excellent training tools and different ways to effectively train for a specific goal. We also understand that we will never know the “best” way to do any one thing, but we do know that Fitlife integration training produces exceptional results for our clients.

Integration training can be performed as Bi Plexes, Tri Plexes or Quad Plexes.

Bi Plex Protocols:
Bi Plexes work in a hybrid of 2 exercises in an equal blend of traditional and functional training.

We often use this training technique for beginners who may not yet have the functional capacity, or skill, to go through many exercises. This format is also excellent for those client that are not familiar with functional training and really like their hypertrophy training.

Bi Plexing can benefit all people of all ages, abilities and genders and you will be thrilled with the results, and how much fun training is.

Tri Plexes Protocols:
Tri Plexes work in a hybrid of 3 exercises in a blend of traditional and functional training.

Tri Plexes are also excellent for those clients that have advanced from Bi Plexes and are looking to improve on function and core strength. This format really allows us to get a conditioning effect on training, and is a great way of introducing our clients and athletes to another level of intensity.

Beneficial to all ages, abilities and genders this technique helps to improve mobility, tone, core strength, cardio fitness and reduce body fat.

Quad Plexes Protocols:
Quad Plexes work in a hybrid of 4 exercises in a blend of traditional and functional training. This is the most energy-intensive advanced hybrid that we use at Fitlife and is an advancement of the previous Bi and Tri Plexes.

Quad Plexes add more volume to your training, for clients that have progressed through the other protocols and need to step up to the next level in training.

Benefits include increased intensity, mobility improvements, rehabilitation options, increased tone and shape and cardio fitness.

Combine Protocols (Power Endurance)

The power endurance cycle also known as the “metabolic power cycle” uses rapid circuit type training to develop the ability to generate power when fatigued. We believe this stage of training is the most important and the most extreme in nature.

These circuits combine movements that mimic the targeted activity in movement patterns, intensity and duration. These protocols are what we use to get clients ready for a specific goal or planned event.

Benefits of Combine Protocols are:
1. Specific training for your sporting event (boxing, MMA, running, football, swimming, multi-sports)
2. The ability to resist fatigue and allow you to hold a set pace in intensity
3. Improvement in the aerobic and anaerobic system
4. The ability to produce power in a fatigued state
5. Preparation of the individual for the specific rigours of the target activity via the enormous conditioning component of this training type

Combine Protocols training will get you prepared for your end result (sporting event) like no another training protocol can.

Metabolic Enhancement Training

MET training is another hybrid training protocol we use that employs power, power endurance, speed movements, specific functional movement, Olympic lifts and whatever else gets the job done.

The benefits of MET Training Protocols are:

1. Clients from a traditional training background get to work enhancing function whilst building solid muscle mass.
2. Great cosmetic physique enhancements
3. Variations in training, our clients never get bored!
4. More volume each session
5. Increasing metabolism and cardio fitness while weight training
6. Efficient way to achieve an athletic looking body
7. Optimise your training schedule

Until now, most exercises outside the traditional bodybuilding implementation have been neglected. However, if done in the right sequence, within the MET protocol, muscle gain can be taken to a whole new level.