Group Active Catch Up – 21st April 2013
Ferris Wheel SB

Location: South bank (By the ferris wheel)

Walk/Run/Play then BBQ – Share healthy foods/recipies – Bring friends and family along for a meet and greet and some fun in the sun. If there is a sport you are keen to play (and we have the space and equipment to play it) let us know. We will bring what sports equipment and outdoor games sets we have. Nothing too competitive….just friendly activities for all:)

Closer to the time we will create a list of who can bring what (So we don’t have double ups and we all contribute to a good day out)

It would be a great idea to think of some healthy snack type foods for us all to share along with the recipe so get your thinking caps on and start trialling some snacks on the family. Let them decide which snacks are the best to bring to our day out.

If you are not a member yet check out our 2013 Fitlife Crew on facebook. You will be able to stay connected with what is going on throughout 2013 for our Fitlife Crew.

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