Females and Weight Training

The tight muscles possessed by natural physique athletes both female and male, are a result of 2 things:

1) Intense weight training

2) Strict diet

Weight training builds and maintains the muscles that give those bodies their shape and form and a strict diet strips body fat to low levels so these muscles show. So if your goal is to look good, change your shape, trim down, tone up…… (they all mean the same thing) we recommend you get on a tailored Smart Weight Training Program and a tailored Food Plan.  If you get those two factors in check the amount of cardio required is relatively low. Which means no more 2hr cardio sessions!! Woo hoo!!

We can already hear the cries from many of you reading this now, ‘What? No Cardio? How can that be?’. Well, two very good reasons are that cardio…

1) Drains the bodies recovery reserves and taxes all available calories the body could be using to build muscle.

2) Strips away muscle tissue for fuel, especially in the upper body (take a look at running athletes. They all have small upper bodies. Physique Athletes have the body most females desire)

Can you see now why it is a good idea especially at the start of your quest for the body Built or Body Fit to put cardio training on the back burner for at least the first month of weight training to get as lean and ripped as possible.

This is not an attack on endurance athletes either. Far from it. In fact for them to train as physique athletes would be equally ridiculous.  It is a sure fire way to be the best looking loser of any race. The overall point is you first have to decide what you are trying to accomplish, and then train specifically for that purpose. Unfortunately you cannot have the best of both worlds. If you try to train for two apposing goals at one time, your end result will be mediocrity in both

Cardio for fat loss, is there a better way?:

In the past 10 years we have heard it all when it came to cardio and fat loss or a least it seems like it…. AND WE HAVE TRIED IT TO.  Cardio must be done on an empty stomach first thing in the morning”. “Steady state cardio will not make you ripped, you must do intervals” and of course the ever popular “cardio must be done in the target “fat burning zone” to be effective for fat loss. All of these statements are backed up by reams of scientific studies, sometimes the same study is even used to prove two opposite opinions. There is nothing wrong with scientific studies, however why don’t we look at more relevant examples for the answers.

People that actually get lean for a “hobby or sport” Subjects that get themselves into single digit body fat, usually people at the athlete level, professional sports people, Personal Trainers, bodybuilders or if you’re rarely rarely lucky you might be blessed with great genetics, definitely not the most of us!

Now you can not attribute extreme leanness to some pharmaceutical concoction, magic new supplement, the latest craze in thermogen products or the new and improve exercise equipment with the before and after photos. He or she has had to achieve this leanness through their training protocol…… hmmmm funny thing though, when you examine the cardio strategies employed by this group.  Some swear by early morning cardio, some by slow long steady state and others worshiped at the interval type training. There is no more agreement among this group than the lab coat wearing people.

The facts are:

All of these methods have been used with success to achieve extreme leanness. But how can this be?  Surely there must be a best way! Well sorry, there is no best way to do your cardio to promote fat loss and here is why. Cardio is not the biggest factor in getting your body to lose fat. Hard to stomach with all the advertising around cardio so in case you missed it, “cardio is not the biggest factor in getting your body to lose fat” What has worked wonders for us and with our clients is:

1) Calorie deficit

2) Efficient metabolism

The single biggest factor that affects these two things is, drumroll please…….. Here it comes………bambambambambam…. DIET!!!. A properly designed diet can effectively put you into calorie deficit while still maintaining an efficient fat burning metabolism. No matter what type of cardio you do if your diet is not on track you will not achieve extreme leanness, not even close. You need to eat your way to a six pack!

So let’s end the debate about the what, how, and when to do cardio. Put some of that time and effort into tightening up your diet and consider the above information to get into some intense SMART weight training….. And if you want to do some cardio, do it, but just remember if you have time restraints to do a workout then you should look at effective weight training backed up with good nutrition as your first 2 priorities of training.

Just get on to a PLAN. And STICK to it!! The plan NEVER fails, people fail the plan!

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